Hermann Goring metal breast insignia. ORIGINAL QUALITY.


This very unusual insignia is the same size as a typical Luftwaffe breast eagle and has a similar pin fitting to that found on breast badges. However it takes the form of the personal insignia of Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering.
Its possible that it might be the insignia worn by Gorings personal staff at Karinhall but this is pure conjecture.
The very attractive insignia is of very high quality being die struck in brass with a pleasing polished finish and is fitted with a fine quality hand fabricated pin.

The items listed in this section of our web site represent the finest Imperial and Third Reich German insignia available from the 'Regalia Specialist' . Although not sold as original, these items are of exceptional quality - conforming exactly to original specifications and usually include some minor tarnishing or wear and tear. What you will receive is a beautiful piece usually offered for a fraction of the price that a similar or identical item might be offered for elsewhere. Many of the items listed in this section are either special one- off purchases or are available only in very limited quantities and cannot be replaced when sold.

Hermann Goring metal breast insignia. ORIGINAL QUALITY.
CODE : T1003

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