S.S. Evening dress insignia.


S.S. Evening dress insignia.

Worn on the breast of the SS mess dress. This insignia is one of the most controversial and talked about german Third Reich insignias. Very few original pieces exist and, as far as I know, Joachim von Ribbentrop's is one of the only truly authenticated examples known. There are practically no close pictures of the insignia being worn.
The few that have come onto the market have sold for literally £1000s.

The example offered comes from a very small quantity that I purchased in Germany some years ago. They were found in an old factory an, having been stored in less than perfect conditions, were a little oxidised.

The insignia is die struck in aluminium and mounted on a backing plate. I believe the reverse of the badge is maker marked but I have not removed the backing plate for fear of damaging the rather fragile badge. Most of the copies on the market are too big. This example is of the correct dimensions (89mm x 24mm without plate). Although a little corroded it is clear that the quality of the manufacture is good.

There is practically no way that my pieces are original. Possibly old copies from original dies? Of that I cannot even be sure. They are certainly the most convincing that I have seen.

Just a few available.....

S.S. Evening dress insignia.
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