German Blood Order in REAL SILVER with Plain ribbon


German Blood Order in REAL SILVER.

This prestigious award was bestowed upon those who took part in the abortive Munich Putsch of November 1923 when Hitler attempted to seize power by force. The recipients including such notable Nazis as Hermann Goring and Heinrich Himmler. It was also later bestowed as a Party Order to reward outstanding service. This beautiful award is solid silver with an attractive antique finish. The design of the reverse depicts the Feldherrenhalle, where the Putsch reached its bloody conclusion, together with the legend 'Und Ihr hat Doch Gesiegt' (And Yet You Have Conquered). The reverse bears the silver content mark and serial issue number.

This example is made from solid silver. It is from a small quantity of high quality copies made in the 1960s. The ring is soldered closed. It has a very pleasing and authentic antiqued finish The Blood Order is supplied with a length of the correct aged red black and white ribbon.

The German Third Reich political and sport badges and awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are full size badges made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original Third Reich period tools and dies obtained from Germany in the 1980's are used and traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed. Sometimes old stock items from the 1960s and 70s are offered.

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German Blood Order in REAL SILVER with Plain ribbon
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