Luftschutz or Civil Defence Medal 2nd class- WITH PIN


Luftschutz or Civil Defence Medal 2nd class.

Instituted on 30th January 1938 to reward merit in the air defences and air raid precautions of the Third Reich. A superb original quality example with makers code number on the suspension ring. Complete with folded ribbon which has the correct brass brooch pin stitched at the top

The German WWII Wehmacht military and Third Reich civil decorations and medals offered by the Regalia Specialist are full size awards made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original Third Reich period tools and dies obtained from Germany in the 1980's are used and traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed. We believe that that small touches like authentic pin fixings, ribbon mounting will enhance the enjoyment of these items and these litte extras are offered wherever possible.

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Luftschutz or Civil Defence Medal 2nd class- WITH PIN
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