Spanish Cross for Next of Kin ORIGINAL QUALITY.


Spanish Cross for the Next of Kin or Ehrenkreuz für Hinterbliebene. ORIGINAL QUALITY.

This Hinterbliebene version of the Spanish Cross was instiuted on April 14th 1939 for issue to famly members of Condor Legion volunteers who had fought in the Spanish Civil War and had died either as a consequence of wounds recieved while engaged in combat . The award was bestowed upon the wife, oldest son and daughter if the fallen was married or the .father, mother, brother and sister if unmarried. The next of Kin cross was awarded only 316 times.

The design is similar to the Spanish cross but the award is smaller at 35m diameter and is suspended from a ribbon rather than the pin attachment of the regular ward. It was awarded only without swords.
This example is die struck in bronze with very crisp detail. It has the correct dark chocolate patinated finish. It is supplied complete with the correct ribbon.

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Spanish Cross for Next of Kin  ORIGINAL QUALITY.
CODE : T1008

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