German Army or Heer Balloon Observers Badge- ORIGINAL QUALITY.


German Army or Heer Balloon Observers Badge- Ballonbeobachterabzeichen SUPERIOR QUALITY.

The Balloon Observer's Badge was a established towards the end of the War on the 8th July 1944. It was awarded to German Army personnel who operated gas balloons flying them 300 ft (91 m)-500 ft (152 m) above the ground. The balloons were easy targets for Allied pilots and ground fire. Due to its late introduction, only a very small number of badges were awarded.

This superior quality example of this extremely rare badge is hollow die struck from brass and has a pleasing toned bronze finish. It is hand finished to a very high standard having the correct original style steel needle pin with extruded hinge.

A nice superior example of this badge for the discerning collector.

The ORIGINAL QUALITY WWII Third Reich German military breast awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are of the highest quality. They are sourced only from Europe. Please do not confuse these items with the re-enactment quality items that are widely offered elsewhere.

Although not sold as original, our superior quality Third Reich German items conform exactly to original specifications. You will receive a beautiful piece usually offered for a fraction of the price that a similar or identical item might be offered for elsewhere. Many of these items are either special one- off purchases or are available only in very limited quantities and cannot be replaced when sold.

German Army or Heer Balloon Observers Badge- ORIGINAL QUALITY.
CODE : T1103

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