Soviet Russian 1 Rouble Secret Agent HOLLOW Spy Coin


Soviet Russian 1 Rouble Secret Agent covert HOLLOW Cold War Spy Coin

Covert spy coins are hollow coins used by secret agents to carry data either in the form of coded messages OR microfilm or which are concealed in a hollow compartment.

Typically secret agents and members of intelligence services used examples of their adversary's coinage for this purpose. So during the 1960s through to the 1980s modfied Russian Rouble coins would have used by Western agencies for this purpose.

This original Soviet Russian coin is expertly precision hand-machined from two actual coins to create a secret interior compartment. Once closed, it is absolutely indistinguishable from a regular coin to the naked eye. It can be handled normally without any chance of an accidental opening. The coin is supplied with an opening device is supplied, without which it's next to impossible to open up the coin.

This coin also will accept a MICRO SD card or chip.

Dates may vary- coin only NO data card or message included.

Diameter 31mm.

Please note that we test the coins by dismantling them before despatch to ensure that they are indeed, hollow coins and the opening mechanism functions.

Soviet Russian 1 Rouble Secret Agent  HOLLOW Spy Coin
CODE : W7846

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