Vietnam War Vietcong Defection cards - Set of 5


Vietnam War North Vietnamese Defection Cards left to encourage US Army Defectors- Set of 5.

These cards were left by the North Vietnamese with the intention that they will be found by US Troops, the idea being that they might be tempted to defect to the North. The cards offered cash and other inducements. It is not known whether they were effective, but they were collected by some Americans as souvenirs and taken home to the USA.

They have various U.S. unit insignias on the front, together with an inducement to defect, and the North Vietnam flag on the reverse with the motto 'DETERMINED TO WIN' in Vietnamese. They are printed in colour on buff card and measure 59mm x 83mm.

(please note the watermark only appears on the listing and NOT on the actual cards)

Each set consists of 5 cards with different designs as follows:

Special Forces

1st Infantry Division


25th Infantry Division


Vietnam War Vietcong  Defection cards - Set of 5
CODE : W7858

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