WW2 German Narvik Battle Shield in Gold ORIGINAL QUALITY


WW2 German Narvik Battle Shield in Gold (Narvikschild in Gold). ORIGINAL QUALITY

The Narvik Battle or Campaign shield was Instituted on 19th August 1940 to commemorate the capture of the port or Narvik in Norway. The gold issue Narvik shield was issued to Navy or Kriegsmarine units.

This original quality example of the Narvik battle Shield is Badge is of exceptionally high quality. This is the early War style made with higher quality materials and exhibiting exceptionally fine detail. The shield is die struck in brass using the correct gauge material from original tools and dies. It is attached to the steel backing plate by means of 4 hard soldered prongs which are correctly orientated top to bottom as per the original. Both shield and backing plate have a curved form so that the award sits nicely on the uniform sleeve. The award has really authentic and pleasing antiqued finish but, as it is not plated, it can be polished to a bright finish with complete confidence.

Our original quality items represent the finest Imperial and Third Reich German awards, badges and decorations available from the 'Regalia Specialist' . Although not sold as original, these items are of exceptional quality - conforming exactly to original specifications and usually include some minor tarnishing or wear and tear. What you will receive is a beautiful piece usually offered for a fraction of the price that a similar or identical item might be offered for elsewhere. Many of these items are either special one- off purchases or are available only in very limited quantities and cannot be replaced when sold.

WW2 German Narvik Battle Shield in Gold ORIGINAL QUALITY
CODE : SP9011

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