Adolf Hitler Pewter Plaque


Adolf Hitler Pewter Plaque.

This is one of the better examples of the many Hitler plaques produced during the Third Reich. It is nice quality with a nicely executed Hitler profile. Cast in solid pewter with a flat reverse, it weighs just over 330gms and measures100mm x 140mm. The plaque is dated 1938 and is marked with the designers initials. It also bears the legend ' Zur erinnerung an euren ehrentag' (in commemoration of your honour day) together with an un-identified signature which suggests that it is some kind of award rather than purely ornamental. It has a polished finish with one or two patches of dirt than will easily wipe off with wax or metal polish. We have left it exactly as found so that you can decide whether you wish to polish it more or leave it as is.
The German Third Reich plaques and non portable awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. In order to achieve the best possible results traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed replicating the feel and finish of the Third Reich pieces as closely as possible even down to including makers marks if appropriate.

Adolf Hitler Pewter Plaque
CODE : W6807