The 'Fuhrer Plaque' award


The 'Fuhrer Plaque' award.

An official award bestowed upon political Nazi party and state officials in recognition of special achievement. This heavy cast wall plaque has an attractive antique copper- bronze finish measures 97 x 141 mm and is approximately 4mm thick. The obverse depicts a profile of Hitler above a swastika and inscription in German which translates loosely as 'The condition of action is the will and the courage of truth'. The reverse bears another inscription which translates as 'The first plaque produced from a live sitting which the Fuhrer and Reichsleitung have found to be very good'. A nice quality plaque.

The German Third Reich plaques and non portable awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. In order to achieve the best possible results traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed replicating the feel and finish of the Third Reich pieces as closely as possible even down to including makers marks if appropriate.

The 'Fuhrer Plaque' award
CODE : W6832

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