WWII German/Russian Young Cossacks Badge.


WWII German/Russian Young Cossacks Badge.

Worn by Young Cossacks fighting in the Cossack Corps alongside the German Army.
This insignia was instituted on June 9, 1944 by the Command of the Kosaken-
Kavallerie-Korps (Cossack Cavalry Corps). It was presented to Jung-Kosaken.
on graduation from Cossack school although this badge was considered to be a combat decoration. It was worn on the left uniform pocket.

This is considered to be the only combat badge made for Cossack
units attached to the German military and is very rare.

This perfect original quality example is die struck from sheet steel and is fitted with a brooch pin fitting. There is a tiny amount light rust on the reverse of the badge which should clean off although I have left this untouched. 45 x 55mm.

Cossacks after the German nvasion of the Soviet Union fought on both sides of the desperate struggle conducted on the Eastern Front. A substantial number fought with the Germans. Many were employed in bloody German anti- partisan activities. Few had any particular ideological affinity with the NAZIS, but as a result of Stalinist policies (Collectivization and Decossackization), many were anti-Soviet. They dreamed of an independent or autonomous Cosakia. The British turned over Cossacks that fought with the Germans to the Soviets after the War. The Soviets killed them or committed to the Gulag. They also instituted reprisals against the Cossack population.

WWII German/Russian Young Cossacks Badge.
CODE : T1090

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