Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie Gorget.


Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie Gorget.
This exceptional quality copy of the Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie gorget is of multipiece construction with and iron shield with zinc fittings. The components are die struck.
It has an aluminium painted finish with the eagle, buttons and 'Feldgenarmerie' wording of the scroll picked out in the correct LUMINOUS paint. This gorget is FAR SUPERIOR in quality to those that have been available on the market for the last few years. Supplied complete with the metal neck chain.

The WWII German gorgets or neck shields offered by The Regalia Specialist are struck using engraved dies employing the same construction and materials employed in the manufacture of the original wartime gorgets during the Third Reich.

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Army Feldgendarmerie Field Police 'Bevo' title
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Luftwaffe  Feldgendarmerie Gorget.
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