1936 Olympic Games enamel commemorative pin


1936 Olympic Games enamel commemorative pin.

This attractive enameled pin was sold during the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. Finished in gilt and enamel. Brooch pin fitting.

The Third Reich period spawned several new political and pseudo-political organizations. Many, of, course, affiliated to the Nazi party. Each had its own insignia and membership badge.

The German membership lapel badges and pins offered by the Regalia Specialist are made to the most exacting standards possible whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original tools and dies are used and traditional manufacturing techniques are employed. Only real glass enamel is used on our enamel badges , which are finished in the correct semi matt plating and fitted with the special German style safety pin fixings found on originals. The Regalia Specialist believes that small touches such as these make The difference and enhance the collectors enjoyment of these items.

1936 Olympic Games enamel commemorative pin
CODE : W6096

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