Gau Munchen commemorative badge 1933


Gau Munchen commemorative badge 1933.

Established in 1933 by the Munich Gau of the N.S.D.A.P. and awarded to participants in the 'Munich Putsch' of 1923. This small round badge measures measures 35mm in diameter and is die struck from copper with an antique bronze finish. The obverse design consists of a large swastika within a wreath which has a ribbon bearing the inscription 'Un ihr habt doch gesiegt' (And yet you have conquered). The reverse bears the makers name 'Deschler and Sohn Munchen' and is fitted with a small brooch pin.

The German Third Reich political and sport badges and awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are full size badges made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original Third Reich period tools and dies obtained from Germany in the 1980's are used and traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed. We believe that that small touches like authentic pin fixings and original style finishes will enhance the enjoyment of these items and these litte extras are offered wherever possible.

Gau Munchen commemorative badge 1933
CODE : W6823

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