Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords- Original Quality


Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords- Original Quality.

The Spanish Cross was established in 1939 as an award to be bestowed in recognition of the important role that members of the German Condor legion had played alongside the nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to 1939. The versions with swords were presented only to to combattants. It was worn on the right breast. Die struck in six pieces with the four eagles silver soldered to the swords, this exceptional quallty example has been jeweller assembled and finished to a very high standard using an original Third Reich period flat pin and hinge fitting. The reverse of the cross is impressed with the maker's mark L/12. With a nice silvered finish.

The WWII Third Reich German military Spanish Civil War breast awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are of the highest quality. They are sourced only from Europe. Please do not confuse these items with the re-enactment quality items that are widely offered elsewhere.

Although not sold as original, our superior quality Third Reich German items conform exactly to original specifications. You will receive a beautiful piece usually offered for a fraction of the price that a similar or identical item might be offered for elsewhere. Many of these items are either special one- off purchases or are available only in very limited quantities and cannot be replaced when sold

Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords- Original Quality
CODE : SP9023

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