Army Gebirgsjager enlisted man's silk woven collar patches


Army or Heer Gebirgsjager enlisted man's woven collar patches or tabs.

Silk woven type in correct 'Be-Vo' war time style manufacture. Offered UN BACKED AS PICTURED ready to mount straight on to the collar. Mouse grey with light green waffenfarbe. Per pair.

Please note that some people maintain that Gebirgsjager piping is mid green and Panzer Grenadier light green. Other people maintain the opposite.

To keep it simple if you want lighter green you will find items with this colour listed under Panzer Grenadier in this web site. Likewise if you require mid green you will find this colour listed under Gebirgsjager.

I have seen both shades in various combinations. I am unable to enter into a dialogue about which is the correct colour for these branches of service.

The WWII German Wehrmacht military collar patches or tabs offered by 'The Regalia Specialist' are made using fine quality materials and employing old style manufacturing techniques.

Army Gebirgsjager  enlisted man's silk woven collar patches
CODE : W6260