German 1935 Olympic Sponsors motor race series enamel badge for Flag Marshalls.


Enamel breast badge the 1935 Olympic Sponsors German motor race series. Flag marshalls issue in yellow.

A large fully enameled badge measuring 56mm x 37mm with an antiqued silvered finish. Complete with brooch pin and marked on the back with the maker's name. This attractive insignia bears the legend "Forderungsrennen der Deutschen Olympiahilfe 1935". This translates to "Sponsored Race of German Olympic Supporters".
These enamel breast badges were given to the race car drivers and their crews, and also to officials and other personal involved in this race series, which was held the year before the Olympic Games. The series was sponsored and financed by various companies such as Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz. Other events of the upcoming Olympics such as swimming, shooting, skiing, and track running were similarly upported by grants from German industrial firms throughout the Reich.

The German Third Reich enamel badges and awards offered by the Regalia Specialist are full size badges made to the most exacting standards whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original Third Reich period tools and dies obtained from Germany in the 1980's are used and traditional European manufacturing techniques are employed. We believe that that small touches like authentic pin fixings and the use of real glass enamel and correct semi matt plating will enhance the enjoyment of these items and these litte extras are offered wherever possible.

German 1935 Olympic Sponsors motor race series enamel badge for Flag Marshalls.
CODE : W7090

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