Hitler Youth Sports Day Rally Badge


Hitler Youth Sports Day Rally Badge.

This bronze badge commemorates the sports day of the H.J. Jungbahn 7 in Luben on 10th August 1936. Die struck in brass with a chocolate bronze finish.
This badge has a hollow reverse and is complete with its brass brooch pin.

The Third Reich period spawned several new political and pseudo-political organizations. Many, of, course, affiliated to the N.S.D.A.P. The Nazi party and also these other organizations held rallies, meetings and fund raising events which were often commemorated with special insignias. These were variously called Day Badges, Rally Badges or Tinnies. There were similar rallies and insignia commemorating military events involiving the armed forces.

The Regalia specialist offers a fine selection of these attractive insignias. These are made to the most exacting standards possible whilst still providing excellent value for money. Where possible original tools and dies are used and traditional manufacturing techniques are employed. The finish of the original badges is accurately reproduced and we use the same german style German style safety pin fixings as are found on originals. The Regalia Specialist believes that small touches such as these make The difference and enhance the collectors enjoyment of these items.

Hitler Youth Sports Day Rally Badge
CODE : W6946

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