Luftwaffe Paratroopers Badge RE-ENACTOR REPRODUCTION.


WW2 German Luftwaffe Paratrooper's metal qualification Badge. (Fallschirmsch├╝tzenabzeichen der Luftwaffe). Re-enactor reproduction.

This jump badge was awarded to qualifying parachutists or Fallschirmjager of the German Airforce. First established by order of Hermann G├Âring on November 5, 1936. It was awarded after completion of parachute training and the required number of jumps.

Die cast in 2 pieces with riveted construction and with an attractive silvered and gilt finish. Complete with maker's mark and correct German style pin. This fine quality, authentic and durable reproduction of the Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge is ideal for the re enactor.

The Re-enactment quality WWII German military Wehrmacht combat badges and breast awards offered by the Regalia Specialist provide excellent value for money for the re-enactor. They are full size metal badges have the correct WWII style pin fittings.

Luftwaffe Paratroopers Badge RE-ENACTOR REPRODUCTION.
CODE : W7066

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