Presentation case for the Luftwaffe Pilots Badge


Presentation case for the Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge.

Blue leatherette with designation foil blocked in gold on the lid.

The German Third Reich presentation cases and boxes offered by the Regalia Specialist are all hand made European manufactured pieces. Some are old stock made some years ago. Others are more recent manufacture, made using old patterns and materials. All have been made employing traditional manufacturing techniques which replicate the feel and finish of the original pieces as closely as possible. Often old reclaimed materials and fittings, which are no longer available today, have been used. For this reason the cases may occasionally have very minor blemishes. Please also consider that the pin length and catch location on original badges varies from badge to badge so sometimes it may be necessary to make very minor adjustments to the pin recess in a case in order to make a particular badge fit perfectly.

Presentation case for the Luftwaffe Pilots Badge
CODE : W5671

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