Luftwaffe Air crew or Aircrew Badge.


Luftwaffe Aircrew Badge.

The Luftwaffe Aircrew badge or Fliegerschaftsabzeichen was instituted in 1933 and awarded to qualified members of the German Air Sports Association which was established in March 1933 to train pilots for the future German Luftwaffe.
It was the first qualification badge recognized by the Luftwaffe becoming the official Pilot/Observer Badge for the Luftwaffe on 19 January 1935. However, it was replaced by a newer Pilot/Observer Badge in 1936. For that reason, it is considered a rare badge of the Luftwaffe.

This superior quality copy is made from solid bronze and finished in silver plate. The eagle has a dark gunmetal oxidized finish. The reverse has the makers mark 'CEJ' (C.E. Juncker of Berlin. It is fitted with a steel needle pin.

Although not sold as original, our superior quality Third Reich German items conform almost exactly to original specifications. You will receive a beautiful piece usually offered for a fraction of the price that a similar or identical item might be offered for elsewhere. Many of these items are either special one- off purchases or are available only in very limited quantities and cannot be replaced when sold.

Luftwaffe Air crew or Aircrew Badge.
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