1st Pattern Political Leader cap eagle


Early 1st Pattern N.S.D.A.P. Political Leader cap eagle.

Worn by Political leaders on the peaked visor cap. This example of the large and attractive early insignia is die struck in nickel with a black painted surround to the swastika.Two flat fixing prongs. Marked on the reverse with the RZM makers code.

The Third Reich German political and Nazi party metal cap badges offered by The Regalia Specialist are either die struck pieces in brass or nickel or die cast late war style insignias in zinc. Many are manufactured in Europe using original WWII tools and dies that were obtained from the factories in Germany during the 1980's . Where possible, traditional manufacturing techniques that were employed during the Third Reich are replicated.

If fixing this insignia to a hat carefully bend the prongs while holding them above the joints with long nose pliers. Make the holes in the hat before affixing the insignia.

1st Pattern Political Leader cap eagle
CODE : W5731

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